Matthew Niblett

Matthew provides monitoring and analysis to clients in mobility, short-term accommodation and the wider sharing economy. He writes a weekly Sector News Summary covering shared and on-demand mobility for some of the leading players in the sector.
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Top 3 On-Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 18 April 2019

Written by Matthew Niblett on 18 Apr 2019

This week's Top 3: Regulations on electric scooters on the way in Ireland, EU introduces new rights for ride hailing drivers, Poland's government meets with taxi drivers over new ride hailing rules.

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New regulations for taxis and ride-hailing in the UK

Written by Matthew Niblett on 13 Feb 2019

Yesterday (12 February 2019) the UK Transport Minister Nusrat Ghani announced significant new developments in the regulation of taxis, private hire vehicles and ride-hailing, following an independent review of the sector known as the “Task and Finish Group”.

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MPs call for more government support for Mobility-as-a-Service

Written by Matthew Niblett on 21 Dec 2018

The influential House of Commons Transport Select Committee has published its report from its inquiry into Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). Here are Inline's top takeaways from the report and what may happen next.

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Key lessons from the Sharing Cities Summit

Written by Matthew Niblett on 20 Nov 2018

On 13 November in Barcelona at the Sharing Cities Summit representatives from 42 cities across four continents co-signed a declaration outlining principles for how cities should approach regulating the collaborative economy.

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Are city authorities a friend or a foe for mobility platforms?

Written by Matthew Niblett on 11 Sep 2018

The issue of how to regulate new transport technologies, especially ride hailing and bike and scooter sharing, is one that has become increasingly newsworthy since these platforms first emerged. Grouped loosely under the moniker of ‘on-demand transport’, these technologies have had a significant impact on urban transport in less than a decade and, for some, even less time than that.

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Potential policy potholes for electric vehicles

Written by Matthew Niblett on 13 Jun 2018

Governments all over Europe are crafting policies and regulations that will lead to electric vehicles almost entirely replacing diesel and petrol cars within thirty years. In the UK, national policies are focused on creating the infrastructure for the electric vehicle revolution, but other policy initiatives and conflicting local priorities could impede the wider public policy goal.

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Taxing times ahead for 'big tech'?

Written by Matthew Niblett on 03 Apr 2018

Are large online businesses paying their fair share of tax? This was the question debated on Tuesday 27 March by MPs in Westminster Hall, the small debating chamber in Parliament. 

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New Regulations Ahead: London’s Transport Committee Report on Future Transport

Written by Matthew Niblett on 13 Feb 2018

The London Assembly’s Transport Committee has today published ‘Future transport - How is London responding to technological innovation?

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