Immersive Technology: the policy challenge to come

Written by Inline Policy on 10 Apr 2019

With immersive technology increasingly being used across a wide range of industries, our new report assesses the policy questions that will inevitably arise as what was previously a high-tech novelty becomes mainstream.

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Online gambling in the UK: how to stop the next epidemic

Written by Shomik Panda on 02 Aug 2018

In May of 2018, Her Majesty’s Government announced to great fanfare that the maximum permitted stake on fixed-odds betting terminals will be cut from £100 to £2. But what of online gambling, the largest and faster growing segment of the gambling market?

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Online advertising – The rise of real-time bidding

Written by Inline Policy on 24 Oct 2014

According to a recent report, the total global spend on advertising will reach £320.5bn over the course of this year, boosted by 17.1% growth in internet advertising. The growth of the “adtech” industry is dramatically changing the way that advertisers, publishers and consumers interact. This article will look at a key technological driver of this growth, known as real-time bidding (RTB), and explore what we can expect from this in the next decade.

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Music streaming maintains its upward trajectory

Written by Inline Policy on 04 Jul 2014

The way in which people listen to music has been fundamentally changed by digital technology. The rapid growth in music streaming, in particular, has led some even to argue that it could destroy the music industry entirely. Regulators are having to deal with this digital shift as copyright rules, and other associated regulations, were often designed decades ago. The pace of technological change can also mean that even when regulation is updated, it can quickly become out-of-step with the latest advancements. The disruption is huge, as are the headaches for regulators and policy makers.

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