Mobility-as-a-Service in Europe: A Policy Analysis

by Matthew Niblett on 06 Nov 2019

As Mobility-as-a-Service increasingly grabs the attention of policymakers and businesses alike, Inline’s new report looks at the MaaS policy challenges across Europe, and what regulators are doing to address those questions.

With a projected market size of $230 billion by 2025, Mobility-as-a-Service is becoming one of the most hyped and talked about developments in transport technology. At its core, MaaS is about shifting the transport sector towards a more user-centric model, and it does this by creating a single point of comparison and purchase of transport services for users. 

However, a number of policy questions remain unanswered, both in terms of making MaaS a reality, and regulating the industry in such a way that its benefits can be enjoyed by all. 

Some of the key questions include:

  1. How to ensure that MaaS businesses have access to the data they need to provide their services
  2. How to create a regulatory framework for integrated booking services on MaaS apps
  3. How MaaS works alongside, and does not detract from, public transport
  4. How to ensure that MaaS is available for more disadvantaged and less well-connected communities

Our report examines these four key questions which are facing the industry, as well as what Governments all over Europe are doing to try and address them.

You can download the report for free here.

Topics: Mobility

Matthew Niblett

Written by Matthew Niblett

Matthew provides monitoring and analysis to clients in energy, mobility, short-term accommodation, and the wider sharing economy. He coordinates two sector news summaries covering the bike sharing and on-demand transport sector for some of the leading players in the sector.

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