How we help you build and defend your reputation:

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Building profile and thought leadership

You are at the cutting edge of your industry and policy makers do not truly understand the impact their policies may have on the industry and on consumers.

We will help you build a compelling case as to why politicians and regulators need to engage and work with you to address public policy issues. By building your profile and your reputation as a thought leader we will ensure greater influence over the policy debates that affect your business.

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Media engagement and crisis communications

An effective strategy to influence policy making will often include carefully targeted media outreach to support reputation building and lobbying campaigns.

Having a baseline of media engagement is also useful in a crisis situation, when being able to respond quickly and from a position of trust is critical.

We operate fully integrated client teams who can work across detailed policy engagement and deliver sophisticated traditional media and social media strategies.

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Addressing the public sector market

The public sector in the UK and other European countries is a key market for almost all sectors. In addition, EU institutions direct large amounts of public funds to support cutting edge research and the application of new technologies.

Understanding the policy priorities of public sector customers, and the politicians who are ultimately responsible for public services, is central to building successful commercial relationships in these markets.

We will help you understand the dynamics of the market, identify opportunities for sales or research funding, build you profile amongst procurement decision makers, and tailor your commercial messages to resonate with public sector audiences.

case studies


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TransferWise wanted to build awareness with key political decision makers for its ‘fairer fees’ campaign. The campaign sought to highlight the lack of transparency of bank charges for foreign currency transactions.

Inline Policy designed, organised, and managed panel events at the 2015 UK political party conferences to bring this issue into mainstream political debate.

We created events that were true to TransferWise’s innovative brand in seeking to stimulate genuine debate, push the boundaries of discussion, and generate a buzz amongst a sea of more traditional policy events.

The events were standing room only and generated publicity well beyond the conferences themselves, giving TransferWise a strong platform from which to continue their campaign with policy makers.


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Inline Policy has worked with DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, since 2016.

Around the world, drones have come under intense scrutiny from regulators and other public authorities, with the global market for drone services estimated to be worth over $100bn.

Our work - ranging from policy analysis and strategic advice to network-building and representation - allows DJI to be at the forefront of informing the public debate around the regulation of drones.

We have helped DJI build an open and constructive dialogue with government ministers, officials and Parliamentarians, contributing significantly to the safe use of drones and the realisation of the many benefits that drones can bring to the UK.

Event organisation - TransferWise case study

Reputation building - DJI case study maybe?

Integrated campaigns - To help you raise your profile and build up your reputation as a trendsetter company and a trusted partner, we can design integrated campaigns that combine policy events, one-to-one meetings with policymakers and social media activities.


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