Political pressure builds for reform of EU competition policy

Written by Rory Coutts on 14 Nov 2018

Governments and regulators are actively considering how competition policy should respond to the growth of the digital economy. A forthcoming report from the European Parliament provides an insight into the state of the debate in Brussels.

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Addressing the policy concerns around shared electric scooters

Written by Rory Coutts on 26 Sep 2018

Electric scooters are the latest addition to transport options in cities. They are user-friendly, green and increasingly popular with consumers, but in some cities they are causing headaches for policymakers.

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The top 5 most important European Parliamentary questions for the tech sector this year

Written by Rory Coutts on 10 Jul 2018

MEPs ask thousands of questions to the European Commission each year and during the 2009-2014 term of the European Parliament, over 10,000 questions were tabled. At Inline, our job is to cut through the noise, so here are the five most important questions for the tech sector from the past 12 months.

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European Bike-Sharing: how to move forward

Written by Rory Coutts on 30 Nov 2017

Over the past six months, brightly coloured bikes have appeared across European cities as bike-sharing, and in particular dockless bike-sharing, has featured with ever growing prominence in public debates. sharing.

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The UK Government’s bid for a customs arrangement with the EU

Written by Rory Coutts on 24 Aug 2017

The UK Government has released a position paper stating its desire for a future customs arrangement with the EU27. The release of this paper before an agreement on the EU’s priority areas is a statement from the UK that it is determined to start talks on the issue.

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Citizens' Rights Post-Brexit: what is proposed and what are the dividing lines

Written by Rory Coutts on 11 Aug 2017

A key area impacting UK nationals abroad and EU nationals in the UK are the rights they will be likely to receive once the UK exits the European Union in 2019. There is still a lot of uncertainty over what these rights will be, but an inevitability is that nothing is cast in stone until final treaty is signed in March 2019.

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