Join Inline’s senior consultants for a half or full day training session to learn how the EU institutions work and how you can influence them effectively.


Inline trainers in action

Watch our trainers on the job and hear their perspectives on what you can gain from attending one of our sessions.

Who is the training for?

This training is for any representatives of governments or corporations that have an active interest in European Union developments and wish to influence how the EU regulatory environment develops.


What will participants learn?

Inline’s training is designed to provide a practical toolkit for those who wish to successfully influence the European Union institutions. By the end of the training each participant will have the tools to be able to design and execute a comprehensive EU engagement campaign. Our trainers will cover the following areas of relevance to you:


• The composition of the EU institutions

• The legislative processes of the EU institutions

• How to directly engage and affect change in Brussels

• How to adapt your approach to each EU institution

• Indirect influencing at the EU level - how to magnify your voice

• Behavioural & cultural considerations for the EU institutions

• Successful EU Member State strategies to accompany an EU campaign

• Influencing the EU as a third country or third country organisation

• Building a plan for a successful soft influencing campaign

• Evaluating your EU engagement performance


Why Inline?

Our trainers have an average of 15-20 years of EU policy experience and they will pass on their learnings via a mixture of trainer presentations, case studies and interactive sessions which ensure an engaging learning experience. Much beyond passing on theoretical knowledge of how the EU works, participants will gain practical tips and strategies on how to make an impact at the EU level, for whatever level of resource that you have at your disposal.



Why Inline