Top 3 On-Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 20 June 2019

Written by David Abrahams on 20 Jun 2019

This week's top three: German police refusing to enforce e-scooter law, Uber threatens to pull out of Austria in ride hailing regulation row, wide-ranging mobility law passed by French National Assembly.

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Top 3 On-Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 13 June 2019

Written by David Abrahams on 13 Jun 2019

This week's top three: European safety body calls for e-scooter regulations; Paris Mayor's new measures against e-scooters; latest government stats on UK attitudes to transport tech.

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Competition between EV charging firms gets political

Written by David Abrahams on 03 Jan 2019

Today’s Financial Times reports on the developing conflict between UK electric vehicle charging market leader Ecotricity and its competitors. This points to a significant challenge for the Government’s efforts to establish a reliable national network of charging points that can underpin consumer confidence to switch away from petrol and diesel.

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Law to standardise charging for electric vehicles proposed in Parliament

Written by David Abrahams on 20 Nov 2018

On 20 November 2018 Conservative MP Bill Wiggin presented a ‘Ten Minute Rule Bill’ in the House of Commons proposing standardised connections for electric vehicle charging points and a nation-wide payment scheme.

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The patchwork of digital tax proposals in Europe

Written by David Abrahams on 09 Nov 2018

While discussions continue on the European Commission’s proposals for a harmonised Digital Services Tax, a number of different approaches to taxing online service providers and platforms is emerging across Europe.  With the UK the latest EU country to consider going it alone, we look at who is proposing what when it comes to digital services taxes.

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UK kicks off review of competition in digital markets

Written by David Abrahams on 20 Sep 2018

Yesterday the UK Government's panel conducting a review of competition in digital markets met for the first time at the Treasury in London. The terms of reference, which were published to accompany the meeting, provide initial questions that illustrate the breadth of this review and why the tech sector needs to take it seriously.

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3 questions to ask when hiring a public affairs agency

Written by David Abrahams on 05 Sep 2018

Policy and regulation can have a significant impact on businesses, especially those operating in the technology sector where innovation is a constant. As a result, many organisations are investing in strategies to help them keep pace with changes to policy and regulation, so they can spot potential threats or opportunities early on. 

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Does your business need a public affairs agency?

Written by David Abrahams on 28 Aug 2018

Innovation in the tech sector is moving at a rapid pace, and the companies driving these innovations are increasingly facing political and regulatory hurdles. Business leaders are at risk of being affected by outdated laws and hastily introduced regulations that negatively impact on their operations and growth prospects.

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Is the policy world a hostile environment for the tech sector?

Written by David Abrahams on 21 Aug 2018

It is increasingly clear that we are reaching an inflection point in the digital revolution. The widespread digital optimism that has dominated the view of the public and policy makers for the past 20 years is being tempered by increasing concerns about the impact technology is having on our lives.

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