Inline Policy provides EU political and regulatory advice to leading tech companies. Our clients come to us for our expertise in lobbying strategies, policy analysis and the monitoring of regulations emanating from the Brussels EU institutions.

The EU has taken the lead on technology regulation

The European Union has fast become the global leader in technology regulation. In recent years the European Commission has sought to legislate on data protection, public sector information; platforms to business relations; e-privacy; cybersecurity; copyright; contracts for the supply of digital content; and contracts for the online and other distance sales of goods, to name but a few areas.

Looking further ahead EU policymakers are now training their sights on an EU wide digital services tax, revising EU e-commerce rules, tackling illegal content online and pursuing a more active form of competition policy to deal with issues arising from the dominance of ‘big tech.’

It is therefore little wonder that companies with operations across Europe increasingly look towards Brussels with both a sense of expectation and nervousness. The EU is not only taking a lead on issues that have not been addressed elsewhere, it is setting a blueprint that is being followed by governments across the world.

Working at the heart of Brussels policy making

It has never been more important for technology companies to understand and influence the Brussels policy environment.

At Inline we tailor our support to the needs and available resources of our clients, providing early warning of regulatory threats, analysis of political risks, and strategic options to respond and lead.

Our team cover the breadth of regulatory developments across the technology policy spectrum. If you are a multinational that needs broad coverage and up-to the minute EU analysis and intelligence; or if you are a scale-up with a specific campaign issue that needs to be heard in Brussels, Inline Policy is the right firm to support your corporate activity.

Time to engage

The next European Commission (2019-2024) is expected to significantly expand and deepen the regulation of technology companies as it seeks to take on ‘big tech’ and champion the EU consumer. Existing regulatory initiatives will be revised and new ones will emerge.

As the tech community gears up for an unprecedented level of political scrutiny, companies will need to engage with the policy making process if they are to ensure that regulatory approaches are appropriate and do not harm their business models.

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