We help innovative businesses navigate through regulation and influence the development of new policies and regulations.

Inline Policy was founded in 2013 to meet a gap in the market for a consultancy that could provide in-depth policy and regulatory analysis to fast-moving innovative businesses. With technology transforming every aspect of our economy and society, we provide strategic insight into what policy makers and regulators are thinking and how best to influence their decisions.

Our policy experts in London and Brussels work across a wide range of sectors where technology and regulation meet. From collaborative economy marketplaces, through travel-technology platforms, to European energy markets, we are proud of our record of successfully improving the regulatory position of market entrants and established players.

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Our approach

We understand that the greatest technological leaps and disruptive market entry often come as a result of specific policy interventions or regulatory frameworks. Regulation and innovation are often mistakenly seen as an anathema to one another. However, whether it was the creation of railways, setting technical standards for mobile communications, the creation of the internet, or the establishment of the world wide web, governments and regulators have played a critical role in creating the environment for businesses to innovate and enter markets.

We are passionate about helping businesses and organisations ensure that policy makers create rules that govern new innovations in the long-term interests of the economy and society. Regulation cannot be approached by governments or companies as a zero-sum game in a global and interconnected economy. We ensure our clients have the most up-to-date information on the policies and regulations that will affect their businesses, and that policy makers have the information they need to make informed judgments in matters affecting our clients.


Passionate about the details

Everything we do is driven by delivering a great service to our clients. We believe that a great consultant-client relationship comes from being dependable at every level and getting the details right – in strategy, in implementation, and in logistics. We are proud to work for highly-demanding clients who stretch us and our track record of delivery.

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