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Conor is an experienced consultant who advises clients in the data economy, insur-tech, and energy sectors.
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Inline's Data Policy Tracker, July 2019

Written by Conor Brennan on 03 Jul 2019

Inline’s Data Policy Tracker covers the key political and regulatory changes, trends and developments impacting the data sector. We look at the latest interventions from regulators, policymakers and politicians within the context of this evolving data policy landscape.

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Inline's Data Policy Tracker, May 2019

Written by Conor Brennan on 16 May 2019

In the second of our regular Data Policy Tracker we cover the key political and regulatory changes, trends and developments impacting the data sector. 

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Launching Inline's new Data Policy Tracker

Written by Conor Brennan on 15 Apr 2019

In the first of our new regular Data Policy Trackers we cover the key political and regulatory changes, trends and developments impacting the data sector. 

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Can data sharing survive the new data protection regime?

Written by Conor Brennan on 05 Mar 2019

Nine months after "GDPR day" our new briefing paper assesses the fallout of the new EU data protection regime, the emerging trends in regulation of data sharing and how industry is responding. 

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Enforcing GDPR will make data regulators clarify grey areas

Written by Conor Brennan on 23 Jan 2019

After all the talk about GDPR implementation last year, we are starting to come to the crunch point where companies' data practices are being tested by the regulators. The results could create continued regulatory headaches for data-intensive businesses.

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Beyond Data Protection: Shaping the Ethical Use of Data in the UK

Written by Conor Brennan on 01 Nov 2018

With a new regulatory framework for the protection of personal data in place, our briefing paper outlines the key policy initiatives that are shaping the ethical use of data in the UK.
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Brexit in Perspective

Written by Conor Brennan on 08 Oct 2018

Our ‘Brexit in Perspective’ infographic puts the UK’s decision to leave the EU in its broader context of European economic integration and maps the economic implications of the numerous political decisions available to the UK.

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The many roads to Brexit

Written by Conor Brennan on 17 Jul 2018

As the 29 March 2019 deadline for when the UK is due to leave the EU gets closer and closer, a lot remains to be finalised. In this diagram we have mapped the various paths to ‘exit day’ and explore the range of potential outcomes.

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Will Theresa May be able to deliver her ambitious plans for data protection after Brexit?

Written by Conor Brennan on 16 Mar 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May put data protection at the heart of the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU when she delivered her latest set piece Brexit speech on 2 March.

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Dockless Bike-Sharing: the next regulatory quagmire

Written by Conor Brennan on 15 Aug 2017

This summer, Londoners will have noticed the addition of new bicycles parked in various locations across Britain’s capital. Closer inspection of these bikes reveals that they are ‘oBikes’ - a bicycle which you can unlock with an app on your phone and use at very little cost, without the need to park at docking stations. 

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Crowdfunding: Maturing with Regulation

Written by Conor Brennan on 01 Sep 2016

In July, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – the body that regulates loan-based and investment-based crowdfunding in the UK – launched a ‘call for input’ on the current rules applied to crowdfunding in the UK.

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Regulatory Sandbox – a new form of policymaking

Written by Conor Brennan on 07 Dec 2015

The ways and means in which regulation is developed and implemented in the internet age have changed. Regulation across the globe can only follow the rapid expansion of new innovation and business models in, for example, online short-term rentals or car-sharing platforms. There is a continuing trend towards companies developing an idea and going to the market with it fast, with the result that regulation is so far behind it must adapt to the new business environment.

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Capital Markets Union – a new framework for diversification

Written by Conor Brennan on 26 Jun 2015

In February of this year, the European Commission unveiled its Green Paper for ‘Building a Capital Markets Union’. Over the coming five years it will be the flagship project for the Directorate General responsible for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA). The Green Paper clearly states that the European Commission’s objective is to stimulate economic growth, largely through simpler access to capital markets, which will diversify the sources of SME financing and in turn support their growth. So what does the Capital Markets Union (CMU) mean for new innovative and a high growth companies? How does the CMU plan address their many concerns whilst also building on their many achievements?

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UK General Election: Where the parties are appealing to young people (and where they are not!)

Written by Conor Brennan on 30 Apr 2015

Research released by the UK Electoral Commission in summer 2014 said that up to 7.5 million eligible people had not yet registered. Despite a major “use your vote” drive in recent weeks as the election campaign has swung into action, there will probably still be millions of voters who have effectively disenfranchised themselves from going to the ballot box on 7 May. The Commission has also estimated that, in the 2010 election, only 44% of 18-24 year-olds voted. So it would be fair to conclude that that there will be many young people who won’t vote on 7 May - a shame when, for most of them, it will have been their first opportunity to exercise their democratic prerogative.

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What the future may hold for Fintech after the UK general election

Written by Conor Brennan on 26 Mar 2015

With the UK General Election just six weeks away, the recent Budget was an opportune time for The Chancellor, George Osborne, to set out his stall and give the UK electorate a glimpse of what a Conservative-led Government after the election would prioritise. Among the macroeconomic announcements and promises were policies solely aimed at the growing financial technology (Fintech) sector. Both the Conservative Party and Labour Party now recognise the importance of this budding industry and have been quick to publicise their aspirations for the sector, should they lead the next Government.

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Europe considers investment-based crowdfunding regulation

Written by Conor Brennan on 16 Jan 2015

Crowdfunding is now considered a legitimate alternative form of finance for businesses across Europe. The sector continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. Investment-based (or equity) crowdfunding is no exception – according to a recent report by NESTA, this form of crowdfunding grew by 201 per cent in 2014.

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Bright future for alternative finance following Osborne’s announcement

Written by Conor Brennan on 28 Aug 2014

The American business magazine, Forbes, recently crowned London ‘the world’s most influential city’, paying special attention to the role it plays in leading innovation in technology. The accolade comes on the coattails of Chancellor George Osborne announcing the launch of a major new trade body for the UK FinTech industry, in London’s Canary Wharf.

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European Banking Authority begins the debate on an EU-wide virtual currency regulation

Written by Conor Brennan on 15 Jul 2014

At the beginning of the month, the European Banking Authority (EBA), the institution charged with overseeing the European banking sector, proposed guidelines for a regulatory regime for virtual currency. The report has now been presented to the EU Council, Commission and Parliament for consideration. The report also issues guidelines for national supervisory bodies.

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Dark pools and the push for transparency

Written by Conor Brennan on 14 Jul 2014

Goldman Sachs received an $800,000 fine from US regulators a fortnight ago for failing to meet the guidelines for trading within a private forum. Private trading platforms, commonly known as dark pools, now account for 15% of all US trading over 40 closed exchanges. Regulators are beginning to take note and see how they can limit the risk involved.

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Virtual currency prospers in Asia: Will China follow?

Written by Conor Brennan on 25 Jun 2014

Last Thursday, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) announced that it is not currently looking to regulate virtual currency. This is a significant announcement as there previously was uncertainty over how state officials, particularly in Japan, would react following the collapse of the leading Japanese Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox and the loss of over $420 million worth of Bitcoins. 

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