EU elections 2019: The MEP candidates who matter for the tech sector

by Denisa Avram on 22 May 2019

The European Parliamentary elections taking place on 23-26 May 2019 will be the most significant yet for the tech sector. Ahead of the poll, we have produced a short guide to the key MEP candidates to watch when it comes to the big issues for the tech sector and the broader digital economy.

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EU policy is defining aspects of tech regulation

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The European Parliamentary session that has recently concluded (2014 - 2019) has seen EU rules set the pace for regulation of the tech sector across the world. From the game-changing introduction of GDPR, through the cybersecurity requirements of the Network and Information Security Directive, to the first regulation to specifically target the business-to-business activities of online platforms, EU policymakers have repeatedly focused on the technology sector.

The next European Parliament is going to continue and increase this focus on the tech sector. Questions such as, how to regulate the sharing economy, how to tax big tech companies, how to reform EU competition policy for the digital era, and what further steps may be needed to protect personal data, will all feature in the next EU legislative term.

With such a crowded regulatory agenda, all tech businesses - from mobility to immersive tech - need to consider how their business may be affected by new EU legislation in their sector. Our briefing aims to provide a starting point for those who are taking this first step by providing an overview of some of the key candidates for the new European Parliament who are likely to influence policy for the tech sector in the next five years.

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Denisa Avram

Written by Denisa Avram

Denisa is an EU affairs specialist with in-depth knowledge of EU governance and EU public affairs. She provides monitoring and analysis for the sharing economy, online platforms and transport clients from Inline Policy’s Brussels office.

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