Can data sharing survive the new data protection regime?

by Conor Brennan on 05 Mar 2019

Nine months after "GDPR day" our new briefing paper assesses the fallout of the new EU data protection regime, the emerging trends in regulation of data sharing and how industry is responding. 

Inline Policy's Briefing on Data Sharing Regulation

Over the past year, the extent to which tech companies hold and process user information has become increasingly politically charged. Parliamentarians across Europe are more and more apprehensive about the practice of data sharing and are still considering whether the new data protection regime has gone far enough to protect users against the misuse of their data. 

While the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force for some time, the rules and regulations for processing and sharing personal data are not completely set in stone. Market practices have changed in light of more stringent rules on personal data sharing, but certain practices remain in dispute. In parallel, data sharing is taking its tentative first steps into new advancements in technology legitimised by new regulatory structures. 

In this context, the briefing paper looks at:
  • consumer-facing business adjustments;
  • future EU rules that will affect the legal basis for processing data;
  • the role of government in facilitating new data repositories;
  • greater emphasis on data categories and the unique rules of each; and
  • competing views on what users can ‘reasonably expect’.

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Conor Brennan

Written by Conor Brennan

Conor is an experienced consultant who advises clients in the data economy, insur-tech, and energy sectors.

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