Top 3 On-Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 18 April 2019

by Matthew Niblett on 18 Apr 2019

This week's Top 3: Regulations on electric scooters on the way in Ireland, EU introduces new rights for ride hailing drivers, Poland's government meets with taxi drivers over new ride hailing rules.

1. Irish Transport Minister demonstrates willingness to legalise e-scooters

Shane Ross, the Republic of Ireland's Transport Minister, has said in the national parliament that he believes that regulations must be introduced for electric scooters. Scooters are currently not permitted on roads in the country, but there have been reports of the vehicles being used both on roads and cycle lanes. Ross has requested that the Road Safety Authority (RSA) conduct an investigation into how best to regulate for them, as well as electric skateboards, in order to provide legal clarity around the vehicles. No timeline for the RSA's investigation has been given.

2. EU Parliament approves new minimum rights for ride hailing drivers, amongst others

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a package of measures affecting so-called "gig" workers, including ride hailing drivers. Drivers will have a right to compensation for last-minute cancellations of work, will receive mandatory training free of charge, and will have to be given a formal starting date and pay information from the moment they start working on a platform. The rules are intended as a baseline, with Member States able to add to them if they wish. The Member States themselves have already approved the rules via the Council of the EU, and will have to enforce the new rules via domestic laws within three years.

3. Polish Government meets with taxi drivers over new ride hailing regulations

Representatives from three different Polish Government Ministries have met with taxi drivers to resolve ongoing protests around a recently proposed law that would create a legal category for ride hailing intermediaries. Taxi drivers are seeking the repeal of this new initiative and have argued that ride hailing companies in Poland "break the law."


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Matthew Niblett

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