Top 3 On-Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 4 April 2019

by David Abrahams on 04 Apr 2019

This week's top 3 stories: Fines for scooter riders and companies in Paris, new law on ride hailing and intermediaries in Poland, emergency transport laws introduced in Romania.

1. Scooter riders in Paris face fines for riding on pavements

Paris City Council has ordered city police to fine users driving electric scooters on pavements and to remove scooters that are considered to be causing clutter on the streets. If police remove a scooter that is causing an obstruction, the relevant operator will be asked to collect their vehicles and pay a €35 fine. 

2. New legal category for ride hailing intermediaries introduced in Poland

The Polish Government has amended the Road Transport Act to introduce a new category into legislation to cover intermediaries between ride hailing drivers and riders. The amendments also allow drivers and riders to agree a fee prior to the ride and to calculate the fee before the ride, as opposed to via a taximeter. Drivers operating via apps must have the appropriate licence, which in Poland is either a taxi licence or a licence for passenger transport using vehicles between seven and nine seats. 

3. Emergency rules in Romania crack down on unlicensed transport

Following controversy last week over a proposal that could have banned Uber and Bolt, the Romanian Government has published an emergency ordinance which allows it to impose fines directly on vehicles operating passenger transport services without the appropriate licence. Previously only those found to be "repeatedly" violating rules could be fined. Uber and Bolt, Romania's two largest ride hailing companies, have said that the ordinance does not affect them in the short term, and that they expect another bill in the future which will regulate ride hailing services. 


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David Abrahams

Written by David Abrahams

David’s is an experienced public affairs practitioner with a background in competition regulation and a particular focus on technology, mobility, telecoms and internet infrastructure. He leads Inline's mobility practice.

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