Ursula von der Leyen: Policy priorities for the tech sector

by Owain Richards on 26 Jul 2019

The confirmation of Ursula von der Leyen as the next President of the European Commission for the 2019-24 term has significant implications for the tech sector. The Commission President has the ability to shape the EU’s policy agenda through providing ‘political guidance’ to the Commission and overseeing its work. Identifying Ursula von der Leyen’s priorities is therefore crucial for organisations that are looking to understand the potential focus areas for the next Commission, as well as mapping areas for potential engagement

The publication of her ‘Political Guidelines’ ahead of her confirmatory vote in the European Parliament on 16 July provides some insight into this potential legislative programme. Covering areas ranging from digital taxation to Artificial Intelligence and a potential ‘Digital Services Act’, tech and digital policy feature prominently in the guidelines.

Although von der Leyen has set out an ambitious timeframe for a number of these proposals, the more complex political landscape within the European Parliament- highlighted by the narrow margin in her election- may complicate the passing of legislation and hinder her ability to move on a number of these measures.

Ursula von der Leyen

In our briefing on European Commission President-Elect Ursula von der Leyen, we outline a number of the key proposals within the guidelines relevant for the tech sector. These ideas provide a useful starting point for those looking to identify the first foundations of the Commission’s legislative agenda for the 2019-24 term. With the 2019-24 cycle expected to include a crowded regulatory agenda, firms will need to approach these policy discussions to assess how their business may be affected by these changes. 

If you would like to discuss how your company can make the most of the opportunities offered by the incoming European Commission then please get in touch.

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Owain Richards

Written by Owain Richards

With a background in political and economic analysis, Owain joined Inline Policy in 2019. He provides political analysis and monitoring for the sharing economy, online platforms and emerging technology clients from Inline Policy’s Brussels office. He has a particular interest in the short-term accommodation market and writes a weekly newsletter covering the sector.

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