Top 3 On Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 23 August 2019

by Matthew Niblett on 23 Aug 2019

This week's top three: New European mobility regulations proposed; UK Government vehicles should be used for car sharing, says report; and Barcelona to issue tender for e-bikes and scooters "soon"

1. New European mobility regulations proposed

European Commission officials are set to propose a new Urban Mobility Strategy and a European Mobility Identity according to leaked documents from the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission (DG MOVE). The European Mobility Identity would simultaneously be a driving licence which is valid across the entire EU, and a means of paying for and using transport solutions across the EU, including shared and on-demand transport. DG MOVE also stated its aim to introduce a European Transport and Mobility Data Infrastructure by 2020, which would be designed to facilitate multimodal transport options in Europe. The proposals are still to be confirmed by the forthcoming European Commissioner for Transport.

2. UK Government vehicles should be used for car sharing, according to new report

The UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has published a report on how technology can help the country to meet its clean growth targets. The report suggests that the UK Government should incorporate its fleets into car sharing schemes, and that it must promote car usership over car ownership. During the inquiry which preceded the writing of the report, former Transport Minister Michael Ellis said that the Government is considering setting targets for shared mobility, including car sharing and ride sharing, as part of its forthcoming regulatory review into urban mobility.

3. Barcelona to issue tender for shared bikes and scooters “soon”

The City Council has started drafting regulations to govern electric scooters and will present its outline proposals in September. The regulation for e-scooters will be similar in nature to existing regulations for shared bikes and motorcycles, and the Council has requested that operators do not launch their services in the city before the new regulations are in place. The Council also said that it will issue a tender for e-scooter and shared bike operators “soon”.

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Matthew Niblett

Written by Matthew Niblett

Matthew provides monitoring and analysis to clients in energy, mobility, short-term accommodation, and the wider sharing economy. He coordinates two sector news summaries covering the bike sharing and on-demand transport sector for some of the leading players in the sector.

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