An Introduction to the proposed 'Platform to Business' Regulation

by Annie Scanlan on 29 Nov 2018

The EU is planning new rules to govern the relationship between online platforms and the businesses which use them to offer goods or services to consumers. These rules are aimed at online platforms and search engines which rank and present business users’ products to potential customers in search results, regardless of whether the commercial transaction ultimately takes place on the platform or not.

Known as the ‘Platform-to-Business’ (or ‘P2B’) Regulation, this cross-cutting legislation will impact all online platforms operating in the EU. Amongst other proposals, the Regulation will require platforms to be more transparent about:

  • what data the platform has about traders' performance and how traders can access that data;
  • the ranking parameters used to display products to consumers; and
  • any preferential treatment for certain products over others.
New rules will also be introduced on mediation and redress where disputes arise between a trader and platforms.

Inline's overview of the proposals and what will happen next

The European Parliament has been scrutinising the proposal from the Commission and have proposed a number of significant amendments ahead of the 'trilogue' process of negotiations between the Parliament, the Commission and the Council of the EU. On 29 November, the Council of the EU adopted its general approach. The negotiating position of the Parliament will be decided by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee by a vote which has been scheduled for 6 December. However, this could be subject to delays if MEPs struggle to unite their positions on common themes. 

Slide deck cover

We have put together a short presentation which highlights the key proposals from the Commission and the significant amendments being discussed in the Parliament, as well as the Council’s position adopted on 29 November. Please click on the image to download the presentation. 

If you would like to be kept up to date about this proposed Regulation and how you can influence the debate then please just enter your email below: 

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