Top 3 On-Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 21 Feb 2019

by Inline Policy on 21 Feb 2019

This week's top 3 stories: Germany to reform transport laws to allow ride-hailing and ride-sharing, on-demand bus trials in London, and Berlin is to launch its own MaaS app.

1. Germany to reform transport law to enable ride-hailing and ride-sharing

German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has announced forthcoming changes to Germany's transport law (PBeFG) which will create a legal basis for a number of platform-enabled transport services, such as ride-hailing. Reports suggest that digital intermediation of rides will require its own distinct licence whilst ride-sharing services like UberPOOL will be allowed provided that they do not heavily impact existing public transport services.

2. On-demand bus trials to begin in London

Transport for London announced a consultation on the introduction of a one-year trial of on-demand bus services in the London suburb of Sutton. The 14-seater, wheelchair accessible vehicles, to be operated by ViaVan and Go-Ahead, will be used to gauge demand for the service more widely in London. The trial comes on the back of a number of similar services from Chariot, ViaVan and Citymapper struggling to operate within London's restrictive regulations that limit ride-sharing in a vehicle capable of carrying more than seven passengers. A second trial in a neighbouring suburb is also being considered by Transport for London.

3. Berlin public transport agency to launch mobility-as-a-service app

Berlin's public transport authority, BVG, has announced that it will launch a mobility app in collaboration with mobility firm Trafi. The app will be called Jelbi and will give users information on the entire public transport system as well as Berlin taxis and private transport options, including ride-hailing, car sharing and shared bikes and electric scooters. The app will also allow users to book all of these services centrally.


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