Top 3 On-Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 9 May 2019

by Inline Policy on 09 May 2019

This week's Top 3: German Government u-turns on e-scooter rules, new French rules for micro-mobility finalised, and Uber faces strikes shortly before IPO.

1. German Government u-turn on e-scooter rules

The German Government has performed a u-turn on its proposed electric scooter regulations, with Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer announcing that users of electric scooters will be banned from riding the vehicles on pavements. Last week the Government's position was that scooters should be allowed to operate on pavements at a walking pace, a position which was met with opposition by senior Berlin politician Regine Gunther. The Bundesrat, Germany's Upper House, is due to vote on the matter on 17 May.

2. French e-scooter rules finalised 

France's Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Transport have finalised a draft decree regulating the use of electric scooters in the country. Users will not be permitted to ride scooters on pavements unless so authorised by municipal authorities, will be restricted from riding at speeds over 25 kmph and must wear a helmet if aged 12 years or under. The decree is expected to come into force in September.

3. Uber drivers strike as the company prepares its IPO

Uber drivers in the a number of UK cities joined others around the world in switching off the app in protest against their pay and working conditions just two days before Uber's stock market debut. While the virtual strike gained strong media coverage around the globe, it is unclear whether it had any impact for Uber or their customers. There have not been any reports of surge pricing or long wait times as a result of the protest

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