Establishing DJI as an authority on the regulation of drones

Inline Policy works with DJI to help put them at the forefront of informing the public debate around the regulation of drones.

The challenge

Around the world, drones are coming under intense scrutiny from regulators and other public authorities, largely due to concerns about the perceived risk they pose to public safety and privacy.

DJI is the world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology and has the ambition to be at the forefront of informing the political and public debate about the opportunities that drones can offer. In the UK, they therefore needed a partner who could help them connect with regulators and policymakers to ensure that the developing regulatory framework for drones strikes the right balance between protecting individuals and critical infrastructure on the one hand, and enabling innovative uses of drones across the economy on the other.

DJI case studies inline policy

We have helped DJI build an open and constructive dialogue with government ministers, officials and regulators.

How Inline helped

Inline developed a programme to support DJI in their mission to play an active and constructive part in the design of future UK drone regulation. Our work started with a full analysis of the policy environment, the key decision makers and those in a position to influence the debate. We then delivered a targeted programme of outreach to help policymakers understand DJI’s approach to the regulatory debate and how the company's expertise could inform Government deliberations on important issues.

Inline act as an extension of DJI’s in-house team, providing - where appropriate - on-the-ground representation and engagement with policymakers, regulators and at industry events.

Successes and ROI

Our work has allowed DJI to be at the forefront of the public debate around drone regulation in the UK.

We have helped DJI build an open and constructive dialogue with government ministers, officials, and Parliamentarians, contributing significantly to the safe use of drones and the realisation of the benefits that drones can bring to the UK.

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