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The EU is planning new rules to govern the relationship between online platforms and anyone that uses them to offer goods or services to consumers.

These rules will affect many sectors including online platforms and search engines that allow businesses to offer goods or services to consumers, regardless of whether a commercial transaction takes place on the platform or not.

Known as the ‘Platform-to-Business’ (or ‘P2B’) Regulation, this cross-cutting legislation is aimed at the majority of online platforms and will introduce requirements on issues including data access for traders that use platforms; the ranking parameters a platform uses; any preferential treatment given to certain traders; mandatory complaints handling systems; and third-party mediation, to name but a few.


Why you should attend this webinar

This interactive webinar will help you gain a deeper understanding of the proposed Regulation, the impact on your business and the wider digital economy, and the current state of negotiations in Brussels.

Inline Policy's experts will talk you through what the proposals will mean for different players in the platform economy and the latest developments at EU level, including:

  • What are the main provisions in the proposal and what will they mean for the platform economy?
  • How will platforms and business users see their contractual relationships change? And how will their online conduct have to evolve?
  • How could the European Parliament amend the proposal?
  • What are the next steps before the proposal becomes law?


Your speakers

The webinar will be led by Inline Policy Managing Director, Shomik Panda, and will feature subject experts from our Brussels office: Annie Scanlan and Rory Coutts.


The webinar costs €99.00 (+VAT) per person to attend and will take place at 14.00 CET on 6 November 2018.


Free guide to the European Parliament's amendments

Far from a done deal, the proposal is now being debated in the Council of the EU and the European Parliament, where a number of potential amendments would go further than the original proposals from the European Commission including:

  • Mandatory data sharing between platforms and traders
  • Banning 'most favoured nation' clauses (contractual restrictions on the offer of goods or services on other platforms under different conditions)
  • Transparency on the workings of ranking algorithms
  • Obligations to rank all traders in the same way

When you sign up to this webinar you will also receive a free comprehensive guide to all of the amendments proposed so far in the European Parliament.  The guide organises the amendments in a manner that allows you quickly identify the issues and stakeholders who matter to your business.


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