In this white paper, we outline the fundamentals of the proposed regime, the timeline for its implementation, and how the UK’s current political developments might influence ​it.

In May 2022, the UK Government outlined its approach to a pro-competition regime for digital markets, building upon the recommendations of its appointed Digital Markets Taskforce. The regime seeks to provide the Digital Markets Unit (DMU), established in 2021 on a non-statutory footing, with several tools to ensure fair competition, innovation, and growth in the digital sectors​, and will be brought into force by the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill. ​

Download your free copy of our white paper to delve deeper into the different aspects of the regime, including:
  • The definition and implications of businesses receiving a strategic market status by the DMU
  • Conduct requirements for businesses with strategic market status
  • Pro-competitive interventions
  • The approach towards merger controls


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