Top 3 On-Demand Mobility Stories in Europe - 6 Dec 2018

by David Abrahams on 06 Dec 2018

This week's top 3 stories: electric scooter trials in Germany, mytaxi launches Hive in Lisbon, Taxify runs into trouble in Prague.

1. First trials of electric scooters in Germany planned in Bamberg

Despite having its own home-grown electric scooter start-ups, Germany has not yet lifted the ban on them being used in the streets. Authorities in Bamberg are working with Bird to allowing it to launch a trial scheme. While most trials feature geographic limitations, such as Bird's London trial, Bamberg's trial requires would-be scooter riders to obtain a special permit to for test drivers before they use the vehicles.

2. mytaxi launches shared electric scooter service in Lisbon

In its first foray into the shared electric scooter market, mytaxi, which is now part of Daimler and BMW's urban mobility joint venture, launched its Hive scooters in Lisbon. The firm's CEO, Eckart Diepenhorst, has said that mytaxi hopes to launch Hive in London, however the scooters are still illegal to use on UK roads.

3. Taxify runs into regulatory hurdles in Prague 

Taxify has been banned from operating in Czech capital until it complies with the same rules as licensed taxi operators. The Prague Municipal Court ruled that the ride hailing firm must obtain a taxi licence, and that its drivers must register with the Czech authorities. 

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