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Shomik is an experienced adviser on EU and UK digital issues and the founder of Inline Policy.
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The growth of robots in the workplace and the regulatory dilemma

Written by Shomik Panda on 24 Jun 2014

What was once considered a far-off fantasy is now fast becoming reality.  Robots will soon become an integral part of our working lives, and not just in traditional automotive sectors. Inevitably this will have far-reaching consequences for consumers, corporations and governments. This article looks at what is driving the commercialisation of robots, and how governments and corporates are responding.

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UK moves ahead with crowdfunding regulation

Written by Shomik Panda on 16 Jun 2014

The Financial Times recently reported that the amount lent by peer-to-peer websites internationally was almost $3bn in 2013, up from around $100m in 2007. There has been an equally impressive growth in the estimated number of crowdfunding websites, which have grown from 1,100 to 2,700 in the last year alone.

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